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Kids LOVE to be shot with these.

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Screaming Goat Toy


Includes a 32-page leaflet of goat facts! 


Synthetic semen on the go!


Fits cans and bottles.

food and drink

Sriracha Key Chain Set


The perfect amount of emergency spice on all of your keys.


An Imperial Walker taken down right on your desk!


The Force awakens in your car!



$99.99 $70.54

Are you tired of your parents? Are you sick of your teacher? Are you tired of everybody around you? Be like Thanos and wipe out everybody just by snapping your fingers!

Gifts for Men

The Jar of Nothing


The jar of nothing! When you ask what they want for Christmas and they say nothing, this is what you get them!


This product features 3D SEAMLESS printing technology.