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"I never disrobe before gunplay." -- Drive Angry


Introducing the cutest penis coloring book on the planet!


Cant get enough?

food and drink

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug


Bring it to the office.

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Toilet Mini Golf


Get two hole-in-ones with this!


Do you want to see your poop glow? have you ever seen your poop in different colors than brown, green or red? With this led light for toilets, your toilet will be the most fun room in any party!

Gifts for Men

Undies for two


Get really intimate with your partner with this two-person underwear. This Christmas useless gift will surely give you some fun and uncomfortable time while trying to have sex and walk at the same time. This underwear is also great if you’re morbidly obese100% Polyester.

food and drink

USB Can Cooler


The cutest mini fridge on the planet.

Gifts for Men

Watchmen Ink Mask guy


HERE IT IS ... the best animated Rorschach inkblot mask you will find.


Do you want people to leave you alone?


The Force shall beest with thee.


Yoda Force Bookend


May the 4th gift!