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Gag Gifts and Pranks

Joke Hand Sanitizer


Kills 99.9% of germs on contact. This antibacterial gel also includes Aloe Vera to soften the skin.


"Holy shit, your eyes are cool!"

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Lie detector Game


zap that liar!  

Gifts for Men

Llama String Lights


Adorable little llamas!

$20.00 $12.50

Bored with having a dog or a cat? Wanna be the soul of any dog park around? Get your Madagascar Hissing Cockroach now! Get Sexed pair so you can make your house full of these cute pets.


Perfect for that special Canadian in your life.


Meow book is a novel for cats written from the perspective of a cat.


You are independent, and strong! Maybe, you don't have an oven in your tiny flat. Who cares!

If you love useless things that are super cute because they are tiny, you are going to LOVE this mini desk vacuum cleaner USB. Suck up the tiniest specks of dust with the world’s smallest vacuum cleaner! It’s perfect for cleaning your keyboard and getting between every crevice. This adorable little baby boo boo dust [...]


Mini Golden Poo

This mini poo is so cute!


Capture the awesomeness of static electricity on your desktop with this USB powered plasma ball light. The wonders of biology and electricity come into focus inside this adorable mini science apparatus.

Gifts Under $25

Mini Pool Table for Desk


Introducing the mini pool table for desk! Ever want to play a quick game of pool at your desk? Well now it’s easier than ever without having to go to the break room! FULL BILLIARD SET: Not only do you get our premium table, you’ll also get 2 cues, a triangle rack, and a full [...]