Stupid Things to Waste Money On

If you came to this page looking for financial advise, you are on the wrong website. Spending money on useless and dumb things is our forte. We think funny and weird items are just plain good to have around. Since we love stupid things and wasting money, we decided to give you our list of the finest items that you can waste money on! Enjoy spending and living wildly extravagant!

1. 12 Month Membership to the Peanut Butter of the Month Club.


peanut butter and jelly month club
yummy gourmet peanut butter and jelly

Do you love blowing your money on gourmet snacks? Then this membership is for you! Saving money? Nope. Saving yourself from an empty peanut butter jar? YES.

2. This Life-Sized Cutout of Danny DeVito


Cutout of Danny DeVito
Life-sized cutout of Danny Devito

If you have an extra 70 bucks laying around, this cutout of Danny DeVito is perfect! Plus, he’s giving you a peace sign!

3. Connect Friendship Lamps


connect friendship lamps
connect friendship lamps

Touch one lamp and the other lights up no matter where it is. Texting your friend is free, but this is way cuter! Besties that waste money together are besties for life!

4. The Muse Meditation Headset

muse meditation headset
muse meditation headset

With this meditation headset, you can clear your mind of the fact that you definitely wasted your money! Win win.

If you love useless things, check out the rest of our products on! It’s a safe place wear you will not be judged for wasting your money on stupid stuff! Have fun!

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