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Find the funniest and most useless gifts for under $25. Do you want to surprise your co-worker, niece, nephew, friend or sibling with something really random? Browse our cheap options for something small and fun! These cheap useless gifts are a hit!


I'm covering my apartment with this as i write this.


Never run out of drink floats again!


Batteries are easily replaceable.

$14.85 $13.46

Curious about cock? You're not the only one.


Each Bag of Unicorn Farts is sourced from the world’s most enchanting and gassy unicorns, probably after eating some magic beans.

Gag Gifts and Pranks

adult achievement stickers


You deserve recognition for a job well done!


So cute and yummy!

food and drink

Badass Cat Mug


Another funny MUG! Cat edition....


Party bathroom!


Great for beaches!



Bar Accessories

because kids wine glass


wine is the answer