Funny Gift Ideas for Coworkers

I like work. It fascinates me. I sit and stare at it for hours.” – Oscar Wilde

Show your work buddies some appreciation with these funny gift ideas for coworkers. Are you looking for a hysterical gift for a coworker? Look no further! These unique items are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. So make your work colleagues laugh this Monday morning with one of these hilarious items. Better yet, buy one these for yourself and brighten your own work week. We all need some fun distractions sometimes!

1. Joke Hand Sanitizer

joke hand sanitizer

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer $9.50.

2. Mug Fondue Set Set of 2

will it fondue

Have a fondue date in the break room with your work bestie or your work crush! Fondue Set $14.95.

3. Offensive Pencils

offensive pencils

For your more edgy fun coworkers that can skirt around HR. Offensive Pencils $14.99.

4. USB Can Cooler

USB can cooler

For the guy addicted to Diet Coke. USB Can Cooler $22.99.

5. The Toilet Bowl Mug

toilet bowl coffee mug

Make everyone do a double-take. Toilet Mug $12.99.

6. Adult Achievement Stickers

adult achievement stickers

Because working together means adulting together. Celebrate everyday achievements. Adult Achievement Stickers $6.99.

7. Brain Coasters Set

Brain coasters

Someone who spent a lifetime in school for a cool medical job deserves this level of classy shit on their desk. Brain Coasters Set $19.99.

8. Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man

Inflatable Tube Man

This is seriously the cutest desk toy that ever existed. Mini Inflatable Tube man $11.66.

9. Stabbed Man Pencil Holder

stabbed man pencil holder

For the coworker who needs to stab someone. Stabbed Man Pencil Holder $12.

10. The Cat Butt Tissue Holder

cat butt tissue holder

Imagine your coworkers actually using this. A Must-have. Cat Butt Tissue Holder $39.95,

11. Rubber Chicken Finger Sling Shots

finger slingshot

For the coworker who needs some old-fashioned fun. Rubber Chicken Finger Sling Shots $9.15.

12. The Biggest Dumbass Wooden Award Plaque

wooden award plaque

For the guy who always gets Employee of the Month. The Biggest Dumbass Wooden Plaque $14.95.

13. Cheeseburger University Fake College Degree

best fake college degree

The best college degree to hang in the office. Cheeseburger State University College Degree $13.99.

14. The Toilet Desk Organizer

toilet desk organizer

The Toilet Desk Organizer. $4.49

15. Animal Butt Magnates

Animal Butt Magnates

Animal Butt Magnates $14.99.

16. Prank Fake Roaches

prank fake roaches

Throw these anywhere! Break room? Yes. Boss’s office? Yes. Do you work in a kitchen? Prank Fake Roaches set of 50 for only $7.99!

17. The Book of Passive Aggressive Notes

Funny Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Passive Aggressively tell your coworker you know who writes all those notes. Passive Aggressive Notes $11.63.

18. The Garden Gnome Massacre

funny garden gnome

Hilarious desk decor. The Garden Gnome Massacre $22.99.

19. The Complaint Department Mug

funny office mug

Everyone hates complainers at work! Complaint Department Mug $10.99.

20. The Yodeling Pickle

funny desk toy

The bast useless desk toy ever. The Yodeling Pickle $10.98.

21. The Mini Karaoke Microphone

mini microphone

To the coworker that got really hammered in front of everyone at the karaoke bar. The Mini Karaoke Microphone $9.55.

22. Offensive Pens

funny office gifts

To the guy who hates everyone always. Offensive Pens $10.99.

23. The Giant Flask

funny office gifts

Because work is hard and you’re doing together. Cheers! Giant Flask $12.96.

I hope you like these funny gift ideas for coworkers. Leave a comment or review here if you wish!

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