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Find the most useless Christmas gifts! Christmas is almost here and if you havent found anything important for your loved one then get them something useless and funny. Our collection of useless Christmas gifts includes gifts for everybody.

You cal also check our top 20 useless Christmas gifts so you can get inspired and buy some random shit for your loved ones.


Beardaments is on a mission to leave no beard undecorated.  Check out this crazy and useless beard ornaments, beardaments lights, beard glitter kits, and more shit!




Mini Golden Poo

This mini poo is so cute!

food and drink

Mini Grocery Items


Collectible Mini Brands with 5 different surprises in each ball. Over 500+ different surprises to collect.

Throwback Gifts

Tamagotchi 5 Virtual Pet


The first virtual reality pet is back from 1997 with its original programming!

Gifts for Men

The Jar of Nothing


The jar of nothing! When you ask what they want for Christmas and they say nothing, this is what you get them!

food and drink

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug


Bring it to the office.

Gifts for Men

Undies for two


Get really intimate with your partner with this two-person underwear. This Christmas useless gift will surely give you some fun and uncomfortable time while trying to have sex and walk at the same time. This underwear is also great if you’re morbidly obese100% Polyester.