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Gifts for Men

Llama String Lights


Adorable little llamas!

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Dick Trophy


the biggest dick award!

Home and Office

Cat Butt Tissue Holder


Cats are the bomb!

Home and Office

Pizza Blanket


yummy looking and warm!

food and drink

Penis BBQ Apron


Guys love BBQs and telling people they have small dicks!


A cute cat shaped candle that melts reveal the wild beast inside her


Thought to be extinct the prehistoric Triceratops is back, and she's ready to carry two of your favorite tacos!

Bar Accessories

Brain Coasters Set


Brain Slices! Hell yes!

Home and Office

Kit Cat Clock in Movies


VINTAGE inspo!


Finally, the joyous dancing Inflatable Tube Man is available in a tiny, desk-friendly size.


Become a Mrs Pac-man master with the full Mrs Pac-man arcade game!


You are independent, and strong! Maybe, you don't have an oven in your tiny flat. Who cares!


Never run out of drink floats again!


Literally the funniest fucking pillow ever. 


Slide down the hallways in these babies.

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Stabbed Man Pencil Holder


He is whoever your imagination lets him be.


Are you feeling cute and French today?


Always thought about music and beers at the same time?

Gifts for Men

Best BBQ grill 2019


BBQ like a champ.

Gifts for Men

Best Mini camera Wifi


You can live-stream the footage from anywhere in the world with this tiny camera!