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Listen to your heart!


relax with your pillow girlfriend.

Bar Accessories

Cutout of Danny DeVito!


So realistic!


Give him one of your bests!


Chambong glassware for rapid champagne consumption!


Need something sexy and feminine on your tree?


Just like the original!

Gifts for Men

Gian Gummy Snake


8 feet and 26 pounds of Gummy Goodness.

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Blood Pillow Blood Puddle Pillows


Blood Puddle Pillows Here’s a great idea for anyone looking for a good last-minute fright.

food and drink

Mini Grocery Items


Collectible Mini Brands with 5 different surprises in each ball. Over 500+ different surprises to collect.


Beardaments is on a mission to leave no beard undecorated.  Check out this crazy and useless beard ornaments, beardaments lights, beard glitter kits, and more shit!



Booty Pillow


Rest your head on a nice toned booty. Brought to you by Buttress Pillow. Also comes with a booty keychain.

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Dick Trophy


the biggest dick award!


Literally the funniest fucking pillow ever. 


You get what you deserve