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Have fun with these gag gifts and pranks. Are you a class clown? Would you like revenge on your classmate or sibling? These hilarious gag gifts will impress and trick! Have fun and make awesome memories with a hilarious prank.


Each Bag of Unicorn Farts is sourced from the world’s most enchanting and gassy unicorns, probably after eating some magic beans.

Gag Gifts and Pranks

adult achievement stickers


You deserve recognition for a job well done!

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Blood Pillow Blood Puddle Pillows


Blood Puddle Pillows Here’s a great idea for anyone looking for a good last-minute fright.

food and drink

Can of whoopass for sale


Buy a can of whoopass now! By opening this can, you are going to unleash the power of whooping!  


Gag Gifts and Pranks

Canned Unicorn Meat


Looking for some canned unicorn to feed your GF?

Gag Gifts and Pranks

crazy cat lady box action figure


Move over, Barbie!

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Dick Trophy


the biggest dick award!

Fart Gifts

Farting Piggy Bank


Comes with a hug variety of farts!

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Finger Baby Hands


So trippy!

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Finger Hands on Finger Hands


Enter a new dimension!


You get what you deserve


Incarnate Word meets Grilled Cheese!