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I'm covering my apartment with this as i write this.



Booty Pillow


Rest your head on a nice toned booty. Brought to you by Buttress Pillow. Also comes with a booty keychain.


This dinosaur neon light is sort of retro and super fun. It will bring you joy and happiness as it shines its pretty soft neon glow in your house, the office, dorm room or home bar or nursery.


cross stitch your life away with this baby.


Has your sister been single forever? Is she having a life crisis because all her friends have boyfriends and she hasnot? you can save her life this Christmas and get her a grow a boyfriend kit!


Mini Golden Poo

This mini poo is so cute!


Everyone has seen the now famous Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow Case, but have you checked out this Nicolas Cage Sequin Christmas Stocking? The rugged, manly and sexy face of Mr. Cage now hides behind a veil of Christmas Spirit above your fire place.


Are you looking for some Real human bones just because? No question asked, here you can buy your Real human bones and do whatever you please with them :)


An Imperial Walker taken down right on your desk!


Show off your Doctorate of Cheeseburgers from Cheeseburger State University.


This product features 3D SEAMLESS printing technology.


Do you want to see your poop glow? have you ever seen your poop in different colors than brown, green or red? With this led light for toilets, your toilet will be the most fun room in any party!