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Bar Accessories

Brain Coasters Set


Brain Slices! Hell yes!

food and drink

Can of whoopass for sale


Buy a can of whoopass now! By opening this can, you are going to unleash the power of whooping!  


Our chicken harnesses are truly adjustable and easy to wear. Adjust the size to your needs to make sure your chickens are 100% comfy no matter what.


You can’t find fusions like Blasian (black Asian) or Ghettalian (ghetto Italian) in restaurants, but you can have them at home! 

Gag Gifts and Pranks

crazy cat lady box action figure


Move over, Barbie!


You wanna look like a dad? This dad bag will get you all the milf in the park!


Why don’t you grab this book, your kid’s gel pens, and hide in the garage for a while?

Gag Gifts and Pranks

Dick Trophy


the biggest dick award!


This dinosaur neon light is sort of retro and super fun. It will bring you joy and happiness as it shines its pretty soft neon glow in your house, the office, dorm room or home bar or nursery.

Gifts for Men

Fake Wolf Tattoo


trashy and amazing

Fart Gifts

Farting Piggy Bank


Comes with a hug variety of farts!

$19.99 $12.84

Dominate dinner.